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Help request from authorities! Any information you may have related to a 157 kilograms haul of methylamphetamine that was intercepted in Sydney, brought in via air cargo, is urgently needed. The illicit cargo, detected by the vigilant eyes of the Australian Border Force officers on the 29th of December, was traced back to Germany. The […]

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Introducing Maersk’s Innovative Digital Air Freight Solution

In an ever-evolving logistics and transportation landscape, Maersk takes a pioneering leap with its latest offering designed to streamline the Air Freight booking experience by introducing an all-new digital platform. This state-of-the-art digital solution is tailored to enhance ease-of-use, increase efficiency, and reduce the complexity typically associated with international and domestic Air Freight booking. Maersk’s […]

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Understanding Domestic Air Freight in Australia

Introduction: Domestic air freight is an important part of the global economy, especially in Australia. It allows businesses to quickly and efficiently transport goods from one place to another. But how exactly does it work? Let’s take a closer look at domestic air freight in Australia and how it can help businesses succeed. How Domestic […]

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